Farming & Fishing

Fishing & farming are the major traditional occupation of the people off Isheri Olofin.


Igunnuko, Elegba, Igumuko, Opa, Osugbo and Gelede festivals amongst the traditional communities are celebrated as people celebrate modern Sallah and Christmas.

Industrial Revolution

The great town of Isheri Olofin is fast becoming a great site for startups and established industries

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Welcome to Isheri Olofin Mole: The Cradle of The Awori Kingdom

Currently ruled by Oba (Engr.) Sulaiman Adekunle Bamgbade

Isheri Olofin was founded by Olofin Ogunfunminire, progenitor of the Awori tribe. Oduduwa begat Olofin Okanbi, Okanbi begat Ogunfunminire amongst other children.


Please make a donation for the development of Isheri Olofin Mole Kingdom and its environment.

The 20th Olofin of Isheri

The present Olofin of Isheri, who is also referred to as the Adimula of Awori Kingdoms Oba (Engr.) Sulaiman Adekunle Bamgbade is the 20th Olofin of Isheri and he is the foremost Awori Traditional ruler both in Lagos and Ogun State.

Events & Festivals

What's are going to happen in the upcoming days & what has happened in Isheri

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