A Brief History of Isheri Olofin Mole Town

Currently ruled by Oba Adekunle Sulaimon Bamgbade 

Isheri Olofin was founded by Olofin Ogunfunminire, progenitor of the Awori tribe. Oduduwa begat Olofin Okanbi, Okanbi begat Ogunfunminire amongst other children

      Oduduwa of Ile-Ife begat Olofin Okanbi who was the father of Ogunfunminire.

      Okanbi aforesaid inherited some crowns from his father Oduduwa, he gave one of the
crowns to Ogunfunminire aforementioned. 

    Ogunfunminire left Ile-Ife after the death of his father, he consulted ifa and was given three (3) clay pots containing medicinal propitiations to place on a river, he should follow it and settle where it sinks. Hence the name “Awori” (Awo – ri; Pot has sank) for his descendants.

     Ogunfunminire followed it to a place where the pot sank, he named the place Isheri (i. e Isha Erin meaning a place where elephant was cut into pieces) after killing an elephant there.   

      Ogunfunminire (hereinafter referred to as the “founder”) settled at and founded Iseri and made the place his base for further hunting expedition.

    The founder became the 1st Oba of Isheri bearing his Father’s name OLOFIN as his title (hence the Olofin of Isheri). 

   From Isheri, the founder carried out his hunting expeditions southwards up to the lagoon, Northwards and Westwards up to the boundary of Egba Territory. 

     The founder made setlements over many places including Iddo (where his wife Ajaiye gave birth to the Idejos – Oniru, Ojora, Elegushi, Onikoyi, Olumegbon, Oloto, Aromire, Oluwa) and areas around it in present day Lagos, also offshoot towns from Isheri and Iddo were created including Otta, Ijanikin, Otto – Awori etc.

     Isheri Olofin founded in 1425 is the cradle of all Aworis, Aworis are predominantly found in Lagos and Ogun States. The descendants of Ogunfunminire are called Aworis, literally meaning “Clay Pot Sank”.  

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The present Olofin of Isheri, who is also referred to as the Adimula of Awori Kingdoms Oba (Engr.) Sulaiman Adekunle Bamgbade is the 20th Olofin of Isheri and he is the foremost Awori Traditional ruler both in Lagos and Ogun State.


Olofin Ogunfunminire


Olofin Ogunneru


Olofin Ogunbiyi


Olofin Adeyinka Ogunneru


Olofin Adedotun Adeyinka


Olofin Olaibeilo Agbojo


Olofin Adediran Awogunjoye


Olofin Adeyemi Atesajoye


Olofin Ontoni Atejejoye


Oba Gbokun Atepojoye


Olofin Onigbakule I


Olofin Taiwo Olowo


Olofin Sarumi Odunsi


Olofin Ayodele I


Olofin Akinlolu Olubiyi Baruwa


Olofin Salami Ayodele II


Olofin Ishola Taiwo Olowo II


Olofin Obatula Eniadenwa Onigbakule II


Olofin Nurudeen Adekambi Akilolu II


Olofin Sulaiman A. Bamgbade Ayodele III

Isheri Olofin Palace

1 palace road, Isheri Olofin-Mole, Km 2-4 Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Opposite Kara Cattle Market, Ogun State

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